Our workflow and protocols are VERY different during COVID-19.

This handy list is designed to make your experience as easy as possible.

  1. Please let our team know immediately if you have tested positive for COVID or are experiencing any symptoms. Please arrange for a family member or friend to bring your pet to his/her appointment if this is the case, or reschedule.
  2. Please bring your cell phone and make sure it is fully charged. This is the ONLY way Dr Henderson and staff can communicate with you about your pet.
  3. Please CALL the practice when you arrive. Due to busy phone lines currently, you may be put on hold or may need to leave a message or please try to call back (as we don’t check messages right away as we are busy inside)
  4. Pet carriers should be in good working order. Tighten your dog’s collar or harness so that they cannot slip out when walking on leash, as they may be reluctant to leave you. No retractable leashes if possible.
  5. We do require that you wear a face mask when face to face with our staff, and maintain social distancing with other clients in the parking lot.
  6. We will be taking payments over the phone. We are still accepting cash. If paying with card please have card number available. Our client service representatives will call to check you out.
  7. Be prepared to occupy your time while you wait in your car. COVID protocols have slowed our workflow, so wait times have increased. Please be aware that our team may call you SEVERAL times during the visit, so keeping your phone handy will get you and your pet home in the least amount of time.